Controlled Door Access

Access Controls Systems

Presence Management Demo

This is a brief demo of the ESI presence management system.

Keri Access Control

NXT™ is Keri’s newest access control platform providing unmatched system flexibility, ease of use and cost effectiveness. Utilizing true peer to peer Ethernet communications for networking between controllers and software, the system has eliminated the single point of failure prevalent in most other access control systems. A new standard in security, NXT is first of a new generation of equipment to utilize encrypted data from Cards to Readers. Extremely intelligent controllers operate virtually autonomously minimizing network traffic and eliminating bandwidth concerns. Unmatched security does not come at a price however. Using the latest in electronic processing and networking technology, NXT is one of the most cost effective systems on the market.

ESI Access Control system

Have an ESI system? Then you are in business the ESI phones system has access control built in. Also has presence management and call box functionality to fill all your needs in an access control system.